Toxic biosolids linked to deadly prion-related illnesses like mad cow disease

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Could deadly viruses hiding in the toxic “biosolids” that are being spread all over America’s food crops be at the root of the current epidemic of dementia? According to biosolids expert Craig Monk, there’s strong evidence to suggest so.

During a recent behind-the-scenes interview he gave as part of the Brighteon Films Biosludged project – be sure to watch the official trailer for Biosludged at – Monk explains how so-called “prions” are contaminating the food supply via biosolids, aka biosludge.

One of the big issues in Texas where Monk lives is chronic wasting disease, a syndrome that afflicts deer and other wildlife. And according to Monk, Texas health and wildlife authorities have failed to make the connection between this disease and the biosludge to which many deer are being exposed.

“If you think about it, right now in Texas chronic wasting disease of deer is, you don’t hear about it, but it’s at the top of the topics with the Texas Wildlife Department,” Monk explained during the interview.

“In fact, they’re the ones handling chronic wasting disease. Well, chronic wasting disease is a form of prions … which is also in Alzheimer’s and many other diseases that affect the brain.”

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Deadly prions are impervious to heat, chemicals, and all other known sterilization methods

While prions aren’t technically viruses, they act like them. And even worse, prions are known to survive chemicals, heat, and other forms of sterilization that would otherwise kill normal pathogens – which makes prions perhaps the most serious problem associated with biosludge.

Since they make their way right through wastewater treatment systems unscathed, prions are being spread all over food crops – where they not only contaminate the surfaces of fruits and vegetables, but also make their way inside the plants themselves.

“So somebody’s contaminated and they use the restroom, and now it’s in sewage,” Monk explains about prions.

“And it’s distributed back into the field, the cattle pick it up, it’s picked up in plants. There are studies that show that prions are picked up by plants, they make their way back into the food cycle, and they’re rolled out.”

Further, the group Focus For Health published eye-opening research back in 2016 showing a direct connection between prions and Alzheimer’s disease.

“The only thing stopping people from getting sick is the immune system,” says Monk. “So, you’ll see as people’s immune systems start to dwindle, you’ll see these diseases take over.”

Research shows that prions are capable of surviving almost anything – which means if they’re present in wastewater, they’re also present in the biosludge that’s made from it. It also means that tens of millions of people are potentially being exposed to prions through the food supply, and they’re not even aware that it could be making them sick.

“It’s unfortunate about our youth that they’re growing up in this contaminated world,” laments Monk. “It’s a fact that they are. There’s just not telling all it’s contaminating because they just won’t run tests on it.”

“We know that there are chemicals in our tap water. They have run tests on that. There are hundreds of thousands of chemicals that they’ve found in tap water. So what are the chemicals that they’re not testing for? Are they in tap water as well? And where did these chemicals come from? Did it come from Joe Smith dumping his prescription in the lake? I don’t think so. It’s coming from sewage, from farms, from the sewage plant. The only way to fix something like this is a public outcry.”

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