Farmers are being lied to about the “amazing benefits” of toxic biosludge

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Following the recent release of the new Biosludged film by Brighteon Films, many people are now wondering why it is that some farmers are willfully going along with this heavily-polluting sham by spreading the stuff on their farms. The answer is that many of them have been misled about the alleged “amazing benefits” of its use in agriculture.

As revealed in an eye-opening, behind-the-scenes interview by Craig Monk, a Texan who’s been directly impacted by biosludge, there’s an aggressive propaganda campaign aimed at deceiving not only the general public but also the people who grow our food into believing that biosludge is the greatest thing since sliced bread – when, in fact, it’s one of the worst modern creations that’s been foisted on We the People in the name of “progress.”

In the below interview, available at, Monk explains how he came to discover that virtually everything positive being said about biosludge is a flat-out lie that only benefits large corporations and cities at the expense of farmers and rural areas of the country.

“They were going to stop it, and the neighbor that had the 200 acres promptly came down to my front gate and blackened both of my eyes, and that started me on the research trail,” Monk states about one of his pro-biosludge farmer neighbors who physically assaulted Monk after Monk called an environmental company to come out and stop biosludge applications near his home.

“He thought biosolids were just great, and that’s what the farmers that use it think because that’s the information they are fed. It’s beneficial, it’s full of nutrients, and it’s tested, and it’s safe,” he adds about some of the propaganda that’s floating around about biosludge.

EPA responsible for spreading lies about “safety” of biosludge

So how are biosludge companies getting away with lying about the safety of their human waste product? It’s simple: The federal government sanctioned these lies through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which several years back declared biosludge to be “safe.”

We now know, thanks to former EPA scientist-turned-whistleblower Dr. David Lewis, that this declaration is patently false, and that nearly all of the “science” behind the safety of biosludge is completely fake. But the official narrative is that it’s all true, and this is what continues to guide biosludge policy in America today.

Back in 2002, Dr. Lewis published solid evidence to show that biosludge is, in fact, not safe. He used the examples of New Hampshire teenager Shayne Conner and several of his neighbors who were harmed, and some of them killed, by exposure to biosludge near their homes. Livestock was also harmed by biosludge, he showed, though it all fell on deaf ears.

For publishing this information, Dr. Lewis and several of his colleagues were questioned by the EPA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), multiple local and city municipalities, the National Academies of Science, multiple universities, and Synagro Technologies, a waste management company that sells biosludge – all of which tried to destroy these brave men for coming forward with the truth.

“The effort was intended to misleadingly present sewage sludge as scientifically safe, to hide the evidence that it was not, to deliberately misreport the contents of municipal sludges, and smear David Lewis with a scientific misconduct charge after he blew the whistle,” reveals Independent Science News.

Dr. Lewis eventually published a lengthy, tell-all article entitled, Sludge Magic at the EPA that, indeed, tells all. This information and more is also available in the new Biosludged film, which you can watch for free at and

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